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Vandalia Tree Evaluation & Care 

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Taking care of the trees, bushes, and other vegetation on your property can be a lot of work, especially when there are so many natural pests around. Our dependable specialists at Tackett Tree Experts make it our aim to protect clients’ valuable plants. 

We are proud to provide an extensive set of services for Vandalia tree evaluation and care, including:

  • Tree inspection
  • Plant health care and management
  • Emerald ash borer treatments
  • Insect and disease management
  • Trunk injections

For more support with the trees at your home or business, reach out to our licensed arborists online or at (937) 821-5212.

What Occurs During a Tree Inspection

During a tree inspection, an arborist or tree care professional will evaluate the overall health and structural integrity of a tree. The inspection typically involves a thorough visual examination of the tree from the ground, as well as a closer look up at the tree canopy.

Throughout the visit, clients can expect arborists to perform a careful investigation, including steps such as:

  • Visual inspection – The arborist will look for signs of damage, disease, or decay on the trunk, branches, and leaves of the tree. They may also check for insect infestations or other pests.
  • In-depth canopy check – Climbing into the tree allows experts to get a closer look at the branches and leaves. They may also use tools such as binoculars or a camera to examine the canopy from the ground.
  • Soil inspection – It is also important to check the soil around the base of the tree for signs of compaction, erosion, or other issues that could impact the tree's health.
  • Structural evaluation – Finally, an arborist will evaluate the tree's overall structure, including the position and size of branches and the root system. They may also check for signs of stress, such as cracks or splits in the trunk or branches.
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The Importance of Proactive Treatments for Emerald Ash Borers

Despite its attractive appearance, the emerald ash borer is a highly destructive insect that has caused extensive harm to ash trees across North America. Its larvae consume the inner bark, impeding the tree's nutrient and water transport from roots to leaves. Over time, this damage can weaken the tree, making it more susceptible to other pests, diseases, and environmental stresses. If left untreated, an infestation can ultimately kill an ash tree within two to four years.

Signs of an infestation from emerald ash borers may include thinning or yellowing of leaves, bark splitting, and the presence of D-shaped exit holes in the trunk. At the first sign of infestation, it is imperative to reach out to professionals. Our experts at Tackett Tree Experts can use powerful treatments that can stop ash borers from harming or even killing a tree. We can also suggest solutions like tree injections for other types of insect management.

Protect your trees with dedicated Vandalia tree evaluation and care by calling our certified arborist at (937) 821-5212. We’ve been serving the area since 1957!

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